Iwku Gaming, through to the Pantamera final

November 13, 2016

It has been quite a journey but we are finally there. After winning the July qualifier followed last days final stage. Yesterdays online playoffs was the last obstacle to overcome before heading to Dreamhack Winter 2016, and we did it flawlessly.

Due to some recent discussions our line-up had undergone some changes and the two, for now, temporary players Downie and Zitte made a great impact. Todays adventure started out at de_cache were our guys beat the first opposing team 16-11. After came de_cbble (16-6) and lastly de_mirage (16-7) were our guys once again and with little effort took it all the way.

Now awaits Dreamhack Winter 2016 mainstage and the finals of Pantameraforesporten with a price pool of $10.000. The Bo3 match will be played at the 24th of November live at Dreamhack so for those who will be there to witness this live, be sure to stick around after the grand opening and carry us to our first title of 2016.

Iwku Gaming


Made by Emil Priver