Iwku main team 2018 (CS:GO)

January 5, 2018

We’re happy to announce that from now on, Iwku Academy Team will be representing us as our main team in CS:GO. The organization is looking forward to the upcoming year and have reason to believe that this extend of cooperation will improve our results even more.

There has also been a roster change in the lineup for 2018. Hugo ”hugoBEAST” Pettersson will step down and be replaced by our new star Philip ”Thefqzo” Björkman. We want to thank Hugo for a great performance both in and outside the game. We also welcome Philip to the Iwku-family!

Right now our team is preparing for the upcoming season in ESEA and the Gfinity Winter Series 2018 by CEVO.

Iwku Gaming (CS:GO)

sweden Henric “hechtikal” Öhlund
sweden Casper “bustaN” Bartoldsson
sweden Calle “CH” Helmersson
sweden Josef “no1” Söderlind
sweden Philip “Thefqzo” Björkman

Team Manager: TBA.

/Iwku Crew

Made by Emil Priver