Iwku signs academy team (CS:GO)

September 18, 2017

Iwku Gaming is happy to announce the signing of our first CS:GO Academy team! Our organization has over the past decade promoted young talents in the Nordic eSport community and we see this as a great step towards the right direction.  With a steadily growing global audience recognizing the biggest sport revolution of our time, Iwku Gaming is highly determined to be a part of it. With the expansion of our organization we will continuously be a significant part of the community’s development helping young talents reaching their full potential.

On behalf of everyone involved at Iwku Gaming, we proudly welcome our new roster:

Iwku Academy (CS:GO)
sweden Henric “hechtikal” Öhlund
sweden Casper “bustaN” Bartoldsson
sweden Hugo “HugoBEAST” Pettersson
sweden Josef “no1” Söderlind
sweden Calle “CH” Helmersson
Team Manager: sweden Emil “privann” Privér

/ Iwku Management

Made by Emil Priver